Mobile Heated Cushion Black/White (portable heated seat cushion with USB connector)


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mobile heated cushion (Black/White) with USB connector for a common powerbank. Robust outdoor fabric, comfortable foam, bright colors and pleasant warmth make the pillow an ideal companion for a stadium visit, a concert, a festival, a camping holiday or simply your balcony or terrace in the cold season.

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It happens especially in the colder months: You sit outside watching a sportsgame or a concert. At the beginning you feel alright, but after a while your body is simply freezing and the next day your nose starts running…

We finally found a solution and created a unique product! No matter where you are: Our mobile heated cushion keeps you pleasantly warm and that – depending on the capacity of the powerbank connected – for several hours. All you need is a common powerbank which you might already have for your mobile phone. The powerbank requires a connection of at least 2 amperes (= e.g. „2,4A“), which – if you don’t own a really old or small powerbank – is considered standard. If you e.g. would like about 2-2,5 hours of heat, you should connect a powerbank with at least 5000mAh. If you want your bottom to be kept warm for a minimum of 4 hours, a capacity of about 10000mAh is recommended. Of course each of our pillows is equipped with an overheat protection. If you feel too warm in the meantime, you can simply switch off/remove the powerbank and reconnect if necessary.

You do not have a compatible powerbank yet? You can order one here.

For transportation or to stow it you can simply fold the cushion in the middle (put cable in between for protection) and either put the elastic band around the cushion or pull it through the small loop and carry the pillow comfortably on the wrist.

The cushion is made of a robust, water and dirt repellent outdoor fabric and has been sewed in caring handcraft. It is available from November 2018 in eight colour combinations. More colours might follow in the future. If it should get dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth, but it must not be washed/held under running water due to the built-in electronics.

scope of delivery: mobile heated cushion with USB connector (without powerbank, please order seperately, if you don’t own one)

weight 0.25 kg
dimensions 33 x 33 x 3.5 cm
colour Black/White
port USB cable (length 20cm, standard USB connector) for common powerbanks.
input USB, 5 Volt, 2 A

Order here a recommended powerbank tested by us from Amazon:

5000mAh for 9.99 Euro = 2-2.5 hours of heat 5000mAh for 11.99 Euro = 2-2.5 hours heat 10000mAh for 17.99 Euro = 4-5 hours heat, can charge a mobile phone at the same time! 20000mAh for 21.99 Euro = 8-10 hours heat, can charge a mobile phone at the same time!

The prices are daily rates (checked 09th of August 2018) and can change at Amazon!

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 3.5 cm



USB cable (length 20cm, standard USB connector) for common powerbanks.


USB, 5 Volt, 2 A